Instant Demo

For an instant demo of Continuity, download the pre-configured client (below) and connect to our
demo server.



  • Install the Continuity client in a directory of your choice.
  • Launch the client which will pop-up the server 'Connection Setting' dialogue (see image) - this dialogue can also be found in the Lobby menu - see Tools/Options/Connect.
  • Select the pre-defined '' server. Once your press 'OK' you are ready to connect to our demo server.
  • For logon accounts see the 'Example Company' below.

Example Company

The demo server features an 'Example Company' with several staff-accounts.

Each staff has a different position that defines their access to the company's data stored in Continuity.


If you have any problems or require help then please Contact Our Support

Please Note: Every full hour, the demo server will be stopped, reset and all content refreshed.

Free 8-User Version

To use Continuity for free go to our Download Page